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WD-40 Company is a global consumer company whose brands offer you products that deliver exceptional performance and excellent value. Our brands are found under the sinks and in the garages and toolboxes of around the world. For more than four decades, WD-40 Company sold only one product, the WD-40 multi-use maintenance product which acts as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant, cleaner and moisture displacer. Today, WD-40 Company is still a market leader among multi-purpose maintenance products but has continued expanding their offering to include other aerosol spray, a non-aerosol trigger spray and other products in a liquid form. WD-40 products have a wide variety of consumer uses in household, automotive, construction, repair, sporting goods, marine, gardening applications, in addition to numerous industrial applications. 

WD-40 Company markets its products in more than 187 countries worldwide: our Australian headquarters are located in Sydney, and we have offices throughout the world to support our brands. 

In Australia, we produce a wide range of lubricants under the brands WD-40 and 3-IN-ONE, together with the No Vac range of carpet and fabric care products.  Our new range WD-40 Specialist is a line of best-in class maintenance products formulated for specialty maintenance tasks. WD-40 Company also produces the iconic brand Solvol which has been keeping Australian hands clean for over 97 years. 

WD-40 Company is dedicated to delivering unique, high value and easy-to-use solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs for the “doer” and “on-the-job” users. WD-40 Company recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, and while a lot has changed since 1953, we remain a company that is committed to innovation and quality. With research and development across a large product mix, WD-40 Company focuses on the long term growth of its people, brands and profits. WD-40 Company’s Australian manufacturers enable complete quality assurance of all production processes, with our quality assurance of raw materials and finished goods subject to stringent testing. WD-40 Company is focused on consistent quality and performance. 

Contact: Brad Ray

Head Office Address: 41 Rawson Street, Epping NSW 2121
Sales Contact Phone No: (02) 9868 2200
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