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Soudal is Europe's leading independent manufacturer of sealants, construction foams and adhesives. The company, established in 1966 by Mr Vic Swerts, is 100% family owned and independent from large multinational corporations. In 2017 the consolidated turnover of the Soudal group exceeded 740 Million Euro.

We offer innovative products, providing solutions to most bonding, sealing, waterproofing and jointing applications. Our products are used in three principal market segments: construction, industry and DIY/hardware and are sold in more than 130 countries in all continents.

Soudal's head office and the two main production plants are based in Turnhout, Belgium, where we produce our complete range of sealants, adhesives and waterproofing products. Our Foam plant in Turnhout is the world's largest and most sophisticated factory for construction and Polyurethane Foams in aerosol cans. 

In Australia Soudal has been active for the past 10 years and today product is sold nationwide. Soudal is best known for its market leading sealants and adhesives based on innovative technology called SMX® Polymers. 

Head Office Address: 1 Tollis Place, Seven Hills, NSW 2147
Sales Contact Phone No: 1300 50 70 11
Fax No: 1300 04 97 81
Website Address: