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Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain

The Freeman Brothers set the wheels in motion back in 1972 building an industrial distribution centre for cutting and grinding wheels. With only one press and three ovens Flexovit pressed it’s first wheel in the autumn of September 1978 in Campbellfield Melbourne Australia.

Today much has changed with safety, technology and growth but you can still find Flexovit where it all began in Campbellfield. Now 35 years later the plant is part of Saint-Gobain’s global network, producing world class products and investing in the future utilising the latest manufacturing process and practices.

Flexovit has become Australian’s favourite wheel of choice, and remains dedicated to delivering to all it’s customers, continual improvement in safety, innovation and performance.

Abrasive Solutions

Saint-Gobain is the only abrasives manufacturer who can supply the complete range of abrasives for any application including reinforced cutting and grinding wheels, bonded abrasives, flap discs, fibre discs, mounted points, steel wire brushes and a range of surface blending abrasives.

Partnering with Flexovit is Norton and Clipper. Norton is the world’s leading abrasive brand with over 135 years of experience, delivering an extensive range of sanding, finishing and polishing products. Clipper has over 45 years of experience in Diamond and Construction products.

Combined Saint-Gobain can supply the complete range of abrasives to a wide range of markets including: industrial, mining, automotive ,aviation, ship building, food industry, chemical, oil industries, trade and DIY.

To allow customers to get the most important benefits from these advanced solutions, Saint-Gobain regularly invites clients to the dedicated Centre of Excellence; to share experience, to train technicians, to run product tests, and to maximize close collaboration between the teams in order to choose the right product and provide the best performances.

With an emphasis on solution-oriented abrasives, the ethos of Saint-Gobain is to establish effective business partnerships with its customers, through standard or customized high performance professional grade abrasive products.

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