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Powerful, versatile and reliable - Larzep has created a reputation for being the industry standard in the manufacturing of 700 bar high pressure hydraulic equipment since its beginnings in Europe in 1940. Established in Australia in 2005, Larzep has long been a pioneer within the hydraulic tools industry. Larzep provides a reliable product and innovative solutions for customers who expect quality at an extremely competitive price.

From our manufacturing base in Northern Spain, Larzep is inspired by a rich history in engineering and has developed a modern facility utilising the latest machinery for fast and reliable production to ISO 9001 standard whilst also meeting the requirements of the CE directive. Every cylinder is pressure tested and carries a serial number for traceability.

We offer a two year warranty, with warranty costs amounting to less than 0.5% of sales.

Larzep cylinders are fully interchangeable with other recognised brands in areas such as cylinder mounting threads, plunger internal threads and the use of 3/8” NPT porting. The hydraulic couplers are compatible other recognised brands.

Through Larzep’s nationwide distribution network we can provide jacking cylinders, manual and powered pumps, presses, cable cutters, pipe benders, bottle jacks and more with an extensive stock range available from our Australian warehouses in Victoria and Western Australia. With 40% of Larzep’s production being custom built and special products to customer’s specifications it is Larzep’s ability to adapt and deliver that distinguishes us from our competitors.

With over 2000 part numbers in our range and extensive stocks of products and spares Larzep can provide local availability when needed. You can be confident that when a job needs to be done, Larzep can deliver.

Head Office Address: 104 Wedgewood Road, Hallam VIC 3803
Sales Contact Phone No: (03) 9796 3744
Fax No: (03) 9796 5964
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