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Lanotec Australia is the largest manufacturer of non toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendlier lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, and industrial strength degreasers. Because they are made from natural ingredients including Lanolin (wool grease), citrus peel and coconut oil, the benefit to you is Lanotec products are extremely versatile and therefore able to reduce petro chemical consumables and maintenance costs. The real benefit to you is that the use of Lanotec products also helps address OH&S and Environmental issues.  

Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin
An all purpose penetrant, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Can be used around workshop, in the home, and on electrical applications. Won’t wash off.

Lanotec Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin
For lubrication and protection of moving parts in an industrial or corrosive environment. A market leader in chain and wire rope protection.

Lanotec Type A Grease
A multi purpose anti-seize and assembly lubricant. Non perishing to rubber and non conductive to 70kV. Excels in all cutting, drilling and tapping applications.

Lanotec U.P.
Forms a protective skin which is moisture, salt and acid resistant. Perfect for machinery and parts protection in all environments including highly corrosive environments.

Lanotec Wire Rope Lube
Lubrication and protection of wire ropes thicker than 16mm or wire ropes working in highly corrosive environments.

Lanotec Timber Seal and Timber Seal PLUS
A natural protectant that penetrates into timber to leave a natural matt finish. Prevents drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot. Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

Lanotec Release Agent
Formulated as a formwork release agent, tilt panel bond breaker and precast mould oil. Mixes 1:6 with water (20L makes 140L of usable product).

Lanotec Citra-Force
An industrial strength, water soluble cleaner and degreaser. Removes the toughest grease, oil and tars. Safe for use on stainless steel & aluminium. Pleasant citrus odour.

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