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International Measuring Quip

International Measuring Quip

Imex is the global brand of laser levelling and measuring equipment providing professional results through accuracy and efficiency. With the quality range of construction products for the trade in the unique hi-viz green, the Imex products are truly the standout in the field.

The range of products is tailored to suit all construction from civil work through to interior finishing and includes line and dot lasers, rotating lasers, pipe and drainage lasers, lasers distance measurers, measuring poles, spirit levels, digital spirit levels, measuring wheels, standard tapes, open reel tapes, industry specific tapes such as tank dip tapes, diameter tapes, bore dip tapes and accessories such as tripods, staves, stringlines and other measuring accessories. 

With a strong emphasis on customer training, long warranties, pre-delivery calibration, standard calibration certificates on all lasers and strong customer service, the Imex brand is fast becoming known as the industry leader in measuring equipment.

All lasers are self-levelling and combine the latest technology laser equipment into high quality, robust but affordable products that are suited to the harshest construction worksite. Thousands of Imex products are used everyday on busy worksites and are renowned for their durability, accuracy and efficiency. 

Available at all leading hardware and tool stores and industrial tool stores throughout the country, the distinctive green tools are easy to spot on the green Imex stands. Combined with this are approved calibration centres in various locations, and the robust nature of the equipment means that service intervals are longer.

Look for the unique green Imex tools, truly the standout in the field…

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