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HiChem Paint Technologies

HiChem Paint Technologies

HiChem Paint Technologies was acquired by Rust-Oleum Corporation, a subsidiary of RPM International in 2012. HiChem is a leading Australian manufacturer of automotive aftermarket coatings, as well as specialty coatings for industrial applications and home maintenance. HiChem manufactures and markets a wide range of vehicle repair, general industrial, home maintenance coatings and products, for both the DIY market and professionals alike sold under the Motospray and HiChem brands.  

HiChem has warehouses in all capitals of Australia, the product range includes: 

  • Acrylic, Enamel, 2K and factory packaged colours
  • Phosphate, zinc ,alkyd and acrylic primers
  • Zinc gal products including Silva Gal
  • Thinners, reducers and general solvents for cleaning and spraying
  • Body fillers and hardeners
  • Finishing fillers and Spot Putties
  • Acrylic, Enamel, Acrylic Enamel, Polyurethane and Basecoat Paints.
  • Acrylic and 2K Clears
  • Solvent based Body Deadeners along with Water based/Solvent based Stone guard coatings
  • Special purpose paints i.e.: Truck Bed Liner
  • Abrasives, Spray equipment, Air Brush’s and Panel repair tools.
  • Polishing equipment, Buff Pads, Compounds and Polishes.

HiChem is the manufacturer of two brands: 

  • Motospray is aimed at the automotive DIY market and consists of prepare, repair and finish products
  • HiChem is aimed at the industrial / metal protection market

HiChem imports high quality innovative Rust-Oleum products which include: 

  • NeverWet liquid repelling treatment
  • LeakSeal flexible rubber coating
  • EpoxyShield garage floor coating kits solvent and water based
  • 550F Engine Enamels, Metal Coat, metallic engine enamels, Roll Bar & Chassis, High Heat and BBQ coatings
  • Comfort Grip aerosol spraying handles

Head Office Address: 73 Hallam South Road, Hallam. 3803 Victoria
Sales Contact Phone No: (03) 9796 3400
Fax No: (03) 9796 4500
Website Address: