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Dawn Tools

Dawn Tools

Dawn Tools & Vices Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company.  We pride ourselves in the manufacture of our premium quality range of Vices and Clamps in Australia.  We also provide a secondary range of imported products, manufactured and quality controlled to our detailed specifications, requirements and standards so that we can confidently brand these Dawn.

Our brand name has been in existence since 1917 and we continue to be the leading brand in Australia.  We essentially service trade and heavy industry and jealously guard our reputation for supplying only premium, reliable, quality products. 

Dawn Tools & Vices has an extensive range of premium quality vices, clamps, pry bars, bolt cutters, tube cutters and work holding tools.   Specialized and purpose built clamping product design and manufacturing services are available including manufacture of selected products from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.  A full range of parts is also available for products including most manufactured over 60 years ago.  

Dawn Tools & Vices are also the Australasian agents for Carver (UK) clamps. 

  “Once an interstate visitor walked into the offices of the Dawn Manufacturing facility and stated that it had not been necessary for him to make any inquiries in order to locate Dawn, he merely followed the red line which reached unbroken from Melbourne to North Queensland and Western Australia.”  

The majority of ‘Dawn’ products are finished in a distinctive red paint (with only a few product exceptions for differentiation purposes), and the remark made was no fanciful exaggeration for in almost every factory and workshop in the Australia one or more units of ‘Dawn’ equipment are in use giving reliable service. 

Support Australian Industry.  Dawn Tools and Vices Pty Ltd is proud to be an Australian manufacturer and supporter of local Australian industries and jobs.  We also would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our customers for their support and investment into local Australian industry.

Head Office Address: 108 Mc Ewan Rd (PO Box 5187) Heidelberg West, Victoria, 3081
Sales Contact Phone No: (03) 9457 6111
Fax No: (03) 9457 4700
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